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Public Safety Communications Center

The newly formed Cornell Division of Public Safety operates its own 911 center staffed by three telecommunications supervisors, nine full-time telecommunications officers, and two system administrators.  The Communications Center operates 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year. The telecommunications
officers receive certifications for both Basic and Advanced public safety dispatch training provided by the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials. The Center uses Spillman Technologies for records management and statistical gathering. In addition, the Center is responsible for the maintenance and emergency operation of the university’s emergency notification systems, including voice and short message service (SMS, or text) messaging, email, and sirens. In response to requests in 2020 from the University’s Public Safety Advisory Committee, the center has expanded their dispatching operations to incorporate calls for service for the Community Response Team along with Emergency Medical Services, Fire & Hazmat-related emergency calls, requests for Law Enforcement assistance, and many other non-emergency/service-related and after hours call for assistance.

In 2021, the Communications Center received approximately 7,741 calls for service and 42,250 calls into and out of the 911 center even with the pandemic and change to remote learning for the University.  The Center receives all fire and maintenance signals for the campus.  The Communications Center also serves as a back-up center for Tompkins County 911.

Reporting Incidents and Crimes

All students, employees and other members of the campus community, whether the victim or a witness, are encouraged to promptly report crime. If a crime occurs on or around campus, report it immediately to the Cornell Police.
• For emergencies, call 911
• For non-emergencies, call 607.255.1111 or use the RAVE Guardian app
In addition, members of the campus community should report criminal offenses to the Cornell Police for the purposes of disclosure in the Annual Security Report and for possible issuance of a timely warning.

RAVE Guardian App

Rave Guardian App is part of the University’s emergency mass notification services. This app, free to the campus community, can enhance user’s personal safety both on and off campus by turning any smartphone into a personal safety device. In addition, they will also receive Emergency Alerts on the app. With Guardian, users can create a profile of information about themselves in order to assist emergency responders in locating and assisting them. When needed, a user can request
one or more of their contacts to “virtually” walk with them on or off campus. It’s like having an emergency blue light system and a trusted friend with you at all times. The app allows Public Safety dispatch to communicate directly through text and voice if the panic call button is activated and allows streaming location
information on screen. A user can add any additional information and a picture of themselves if desired. The Rave Guardian App can be downloaded in the Apple or Google Play stores by searching for “Rave Guardian”. You can also learn more at

Campus-wide Emergency

When there is a significant emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of the University community, an Emergency Mass Notification (EMN) is distributed without delay to the entire University community using one or many of the campus EMN systems.  An EMN notification would not be distributed only if it could compromise efforts to contain the emergency.

  • If you receive a SMS (text message) or Voice message, you should promptly follow the directions given in the message and move to a safe place.
  • If a siren (Hear the Tone) is sounded, you should promptly follow the instructions given after the initial tone and move to a safe place
  • Following the immediate notification from any of the above systems, you should go to a safe location and monitor for additional information and instructions.