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The Cornell University Police department is an internationally accredited organization that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from its headquarters in Barton Hall. The department has 68 members, 50 of them sworn officers who patrol campus on foot, in vehicles, on bicycles, and with explosive detection K-9s. The mission of Cornell Police is to protect lives and property, maintain order, prevent crimes, receive and investigate reports of crimes, and provide other law-enforcement services.  The department is responsive to the special needs of Cornell’s large and diverse community—a community of people who come from across the United States and the world to study and work at Cornell.

IACLEA Cornell Police

Welcome from Chief Kathy Zoner

As chief of the Cornell University Police Department, I aim to be present and public, so students, faculty, staff, and our entire community know me and know that I am available. We want everyone at Cornell to know that the police department is here to support them, to be a resource for them, and to work with them.

Listening to our community, really learning what they need and how they want to be served, is so important. My vision is to continue our progress in partnership with the community. We must understand each other and take into consideration everybody’s safety first, while making sure we’re treating people with empathy.

I recognize the importance of engaging with all community members. This allows for inclusive and transparent conversations to determine shared responsibilities and goals. My hope is that these dialogues will build trust with the Cornell community.

I am also committed to strengthening our recruiting and hiring to build and maintain a diverse, talented, caring, and experienced police department that reflects our community.

It is my hope that through our efforts, the environment of public safety and support at Cornell will continue to promote a rich and positive experience for all members of our community in their education, work, and daily lives.


Chief Anthony Bellamy