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Crime Prevention

Community Engagement Team
G2 Barton Hall
Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 4:00pm

(607) 255-7305 or (607) 255-7404

The Community Engagement Team coordinates all of the Cornell Police safety and security outreach programs. Officers engage in many service initiatives to promote safety throughout the Cornell community. Outreach programs for both students and staff include safety and security forums about subjects such as active shooter awareness, workplace violence, personal safety concerns, and alcohol awareness. The team also provides oversight for the child safety-seat installation program for the campus community.

Cornell Police Safety & Anti-Crime Outreach Programs:

Cornell Police offers these crime-prevention and public-safety outreach programs and services at no cost to any Cornell group or organization:

  • Sexual Assault Awareness:  Discusses the law regarding sexual assault; what is consent; how to change social norms; bystander intervention; the many options a victim/survivor has; and what resources are available on and off campus.
  • Personal Security is directed at preventing crimes of violence.  It includes a demonstration of personal alarms and a discussion of illegal self-defense weapons.
  • Winter Driving Techniques focuses on handling your car on snow and ice, preparing yourself and your vehicle for inclement weather, and navigating Ithaca’s hills and other difficult areas.
  • Alcohol Awareness reviews the physical effects of alcohol and laws related to driving while intoxicated and alcohol-related crimes. Fatal Vision™ goggles simulate the effects of alcohol on participants.
  • Cash Handling is designed for retail personnel and focuses on managing cash, identifying counterfeit currency, and handling robbery, bad checks, credit-card fraud, and more.
  • Violence in the Workplace discusses types of violence, how to identify potentially violent behavior, how to prevent a violent situation, and how to react to one.
  • Identity Theft discusses what identity theft is, how to avoid it, what to do if you become an identity-theft victim, and whom you need to report it to.
  • Stay Safe 360 degrees is a program that covers protecting your possessions and identity, and preventing student assaults, controlling behavior, and stalking; it also reviews everyday safety on campus, common sense defense, and safe travel.
  • Active Shooter Awareness teaches strategies for dealing with an active shooter on campus, before and after police arrive on the scene.
  • CUPD Overview provides information about the Cornell Police: duties and capabilities, various units, and partnerships that prevent and reduce crime on campus.

To inquire about any of these programs or services, contact Community Engagement at (607) 255-7305/255-7404, or send an email to

Securing Your Valuables

The Key Tag Program
The key tag program is available to any member of the Cornell community. More than 200,000 people are registered in the program. Once you join, your tag is good forever. To get a key tag (your first, or a replacement), fill out a key tag ID card at Cornell Police headquarters (G2 Barton Hall). Attach the key tag to your key ring. If your keys are lost or stolen and the finder places them in the US or Campus mail, they will be returned to Cornell Police and you will be notified.

Operation ID
Engraving your property means it will more likely find its way back to you, should it be lost or stolen. You can register for the Operation ID program by going to the Community Engagement team in Barton Hall. They will lend you an engraving tool, and answer any questions you have regarding the program. Operation ID is open to any Cornell community member at no charge. You will be assigned a lifetime personal identification number, which you then engrave – using equipment loaned to you by Cornell Police – on valuable possessions. For more on this, see “University Policy 2.1, Operation ID”