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Fire Safety:

Never enter a room that is smoke filled. Never enter a room if the door is warm to the touch.

Rescue - When you discover a fire, rescue people in immediate danger if you can do so without endangering yourself. Exit via a safe fire exit. Never use elevators. Close doors connected to the room with the fire.

Alarm - Sound the alarm by pulling a fire box and call 911 from a safe distance, to notify the Fire Department of the precise location of the fire

Confine - Close all doors, windows and other openings to contain the fire and stop the supply of oxygen to the fire.

Extinguish - Use a fire extinguisher only if you are trained in its use, then evacuate. Small fires can be extinguished with a fire extinguisher. However, an immediate readiness to evacuate is essential.

If the Alarm Sounds:

  • Feel the door. If it's hot, don't open it. Stay in your room or office. Put a towel or blanket (preferably wet) under the door to keep the smoke out. Attract attention to yourself. Open the window if possible and hang objects out of the window.
  • If the door is not hot, open it slowly. If smoke and heat have filled the hall, close the door, stay in your room or office, and wait for help.
  • If you can safely leave your room or office, close the windows and door. Take your keys. Knock loudly on doors to alert your neighbors. Leave by the nearest Exit stairway. Never use the elevators. If you encounter smoke on your way out, stay low and crawl if necessary. Cover your nose and mouth with a wet towel or handkerchief if possible.
  • Proceed to the nearest safe exit. Do not attempt to reenter the building until the Fire Department gives your permission to do so.