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Suspicious Behavior :

It is important to remember that people aren't suspicious, behavior is. Behaviors that raise suspicions are:

  • A person (especially a juvenile or female) being forced into a vehicle.
  • A stranger carrying property at an unusual hour or location, especially if he or she is attempting to hide the item and the items are of significant value such as electronic devices, laptops,  office machinery, or a locked bicycle.
  • A person going door-to-door or cubicle-to-cubicle in an office building or residential or other generally secure area.
  • Any person forcibly entering a locked vehicle or building.
  • Covert transactions being conducted from vehicles, especially near schools or parks.
  • One or more persons sitting in a parked car closely scanning the area.
  • A person exhibiting unusual mental or physical symptoms.
  • Unusual noises, including gunshots, screaming, sounds of fighting, barking dogs, or anything suggesting foul play, danger or illegal activity.
  • A person running and looking about furtively, as if he or she were being watched or chased.

Of course, these behaviors alone do not constitute criminal action or intent. If you witness any of the above suspicious behaviors, call the police immediately and describe the situation and the involved parties to us.  We are trained to approach and assess the situation safely and with discretion. Our experience has shown us that nearly every time we are asked to look into the above behaviors, the person was, at the very least, in need of some sort of assistance, and often was engaging in some sort of criminal activity.