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Securing Your Valuables:

FrontDoorSoftware Laptop Security

Cornell University Students, Faculty and Staff can now register and protect your laptop, smart phone and/or tablet in seconds for free at

Your devices are indispensable, but lose it and you’ve got a major problem. All your work, notes, ideas, music and irreplaceable photos – things unique to you, are lost. Plus, you’ll always know that that your stuff is being handled by a stranger. Replacement of a lost or stolen computer or phone can be expensive  if not financially impossible.

It only takes seconds to protect your devices.  Visit the link above and you will be able to register, protect and track your computer with a free 4 year license.  FBI statistics state that chances of recovering a lost or stolen computer are only 3%. By installing your FrontDoorSoftware Corp laptop loss and recovery product, you can increase your chances of recovery to over 97%.

If your device is lost, your program will turn your monitor into an ownership tag. Statistics show that simply by displaying who owns the laptop, you increase your chances of recovery by 80%. You can update and change your recovery information as you move or travel back and forth from home to school.

If your laptop is stolen, your can blast a message to the computer that states THIS COMPUTER IS REPORTED STOLEN, lock it down from remote, send a text message to the thief, have your laptop actually yell out for help with our standard message or yourcustom message, and get a Google Map showing clues as to the laptop’s location.

FrontDoorSoftware - User FAQ


Lost and Found

Office: G8 Barton Hall
Hours: 8am - 4pm, Monday through Friday
Phone: 255-7197

Find an item?
Turn in found items any time at G2 Barton.

Lose an Item?
Fill out a lost-and-found property card, available at the Barton Hall office. Items valued at less than $100 are held for three months, then given to charity, recycled, or discarded. More expensive unclaimed items are held for a longer period, and then get auctioned off at the annual auction.


The Key-Tag Program:

The key-tag program, co-sponsored by Stanley Convergent Security Solutions and Cornell Police, is available to any member of the Cornell community. Currently, more than 200,000 people are registered in the program and once you join, your tag is good forever.

To get a key tag (your first, or a replacement), just fill out a key-tag ID card at Cornell Police headquarters (G2 Barton Hall). Attach the tag you are issued to your key ring . If your keys are lost or stolen and the finder places them in the US or Campus mail, they'll be returned to Cornell Police and you'll be notified.


Operation ID

G2 Barton Hall
Phone: 255-7404

Engraving your property means it will more likely find its way back to you, should it be lost or stolen. Through the Operation ID program, Cornell Police and other law enforcement agencies can return recovered personal property. You'll be assigned a lifetime personal identification number, which you then engrave - using equipment loaned to you by Cornell Police - on valuable possessions.

The Operation ID program is recognized throughout the US and Canada, so any marked item recovered within those boundaries can be traced to its owner. Your participation in this program continues indefinitely, and you can engrave your ID number on possessions you acquire after you leave Cornell.

Items worth engraving include electronic equipment, power tools, cameras, and PDAs. Clothes and other nonengravable items can be labeled with a laundry marker.

Labeling your property can also be a deterrent. For the thief, labelled property is harder to fence, generally brings a lower price, and is too easily traced to the rightful owner.

Cornell considers Operation ID so worthwhile that university departments are required to engrave their Operation ID numbers on all equipment valued over $500 that can easily be moved by two people.

Need proof the program works? In one case, Cornell Police notified a Cornell Department that one of its computers had been recovered, only to learn that the department didn't even know that it had been stolen. In another case, a department got its fax machine back when the thief took it to a merchant who recognized the Operation ID markings, and called the local police.

The Cornell Police Crime Prevention Unit, open 8am - 4pm Monday through Friday, can register you in the operation ID program, lend you an engraving tool, and answer any questions you have regarding Operation ID or other crime prevention-related matters. The Operation ID program is open to any Cornell community member at no charge.

For more on this, see "University Policy 2.1, Operation ID"