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Cornell Police Safety & Anti-Crime Outreach Programs:

Cornell Police offers these crime-prevention and public-safety outreach programs and services at no cost to any Cornell group or organization:

  • Sexual Assault Awareness:  Discusses the law regarding sexual assault; what is consent; how to change social norms; bystander intervention; the many options a victim/survivor has; and what resources are available on and off campus.
  • Personal Security is directed at preventing crimes of violence.  It includes a demonstration of personal alarms and a discussion of illegal self-defense weapons.
  • Winter Driving Techniques focuses on handling your car on snow and ice, preparing yourself and your vehicle for inclement weather, and navigating Ithaca’s hills and other difficult areas.
  • Alcohol Awareness reviews the physical effects of alcohol and laws related to driving while intoxicated and alcohol-related crimes. Fatal Vision™ goggles simulate the effects of alcohol on participants.
  • Cash Handling is designed for retail personnel and focuses on managing cash, identifying counterfeit currency, and handling robbery, bad checks, credit-card fraud, and more.
  • Violence in the Workplace discusses types of violence, how to identify potentially violent behavior, how to prevent a violent situation, and how to react to one.
  • Identity Theft discusses what identity theft is, how to avoid it, what to do if you become an identity-theft victim, and whom you need to report it to.
  • Stay Safe 360 degrees is a program that covers protecting your possessions and identity, and preventing student assaults, controlling behavior, and stalking; it also reviews everyday safety on campus, common sense defense, and safe travel.
  • Active Shooter Awareness teaches strategies for dealing with an active shooter on campus, before and after police arrive on the scene.
  • CUPD Overview provides information about the Cornell Police: duties and capabilities, various units, and partnerships that prevent and reduce crime on campus.

To inquire about any of these programs or services, contact Officer Beverly Van Cleef at 607.255.7305, or Officer Lisa Van Horn at 607.255.7404, or send an email to


University Self-Defense classes

The University does offer self defense PE classes on campus. 

Spring 2015:

PE 1390 - Women's Self Defense and Empowerment

In an atmosphere of support, women learn to de-escalate or escape potentially violent situations through assertiveness, confrontation and self-defense techniques.Students will learn boundary assertion skills, physical defenses against grabs, bear hugs, pinned situations, and other types of assault. Class format includes discussions, physical training, and information about support services.Instructor and 4th degree black belt, Kathleen Garrity is the teacher and director of Ithaca Karate Harmony with Nature School. Together, with 2nd degree black belt Ms. Robbie Sanders, they bring 43 years of women's self-defense training experience to this class.

1CR S/U NoAud 01/26/2015 - 05/05/2015

9594 LEC 001M

01:45PM - 03:15PM

TGL 201

Course fee: $110. Deadlines: Last day to add: Wed. Feb 4th, Last day to drop: Fri. Feb. 6th; For more information: Students will be responsible for the course fee if they do not drop the course by the drop deadline.


PE 1395 - Self Defense and Personal Safety in the Modern World

The ability to defend oneself and aqquire the strength and confidence that are developed are not mysterious secrets that take years to learn and apply. They are learned through a progressive training program that, when properly followed, develops awareness, as well as strength and self confidence. Using modern training equipment and up-to-date teaaching methods, Kevin Seaman, world renowned martial artist and authority on personal safety, will guide you to become more prepared to manage potential violence. The class provides an opportunity to learn a system of practical, proven self defense techniques and educate the individual in the stratagies of personal safety and awareness. This system, a composite based on 30 years experience, includes powerful street self defence, unarmed weapons defense , defense from the ground, effective use of your enviornment and defense tools found in our everyday world. Don't be a helpless victim of a violent attack. Learn to protect yourself and your loved ones.

1CR S/U NoAud 01/29/2015 - 05/05/2015

9597 LEC 001


03:30PM - 04:15PM

BTL 101

Seaman,K (ks273)

Course fee: $125. Deadlines: Last day to add: Wed. Feb 4th, Last day to drop: Fri. Feb. 6th; For more