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June 10, 2022

Assess and Act – If there is an active threat to life on campus, know how to keep yourself and others safe with the “Run, Hide, Fight” approach. Visit Emergency Management’s Emergency Action Guide for more information on steps to take to plan and act in emergencies. As always, if you see something, please say something.

Construction – Slow down and be alert when navigating construction zones. If possible, plan ahead and avoid areas with active roadwork. Speeding in a construction zone is not only dangerous, it can also carry stiff penalties such as expensive fines and increased insurance premiums. Stay informed about disruptions on campus by monitoring the special conditions website or sign up to receive email alerts. Information about other local roadway construction projects can be found on city, county and state webpages.

Hot Dogs – Summer hasn’t officially started and we’ve already received calls about pets being left in vehicles. The Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine tells us that when a pet’s core body temperature rises, heat stroke can develop quickly, and it can be fatal, even in relatively cooler temperatures or with car windows opened. Pets should never be left in vehicles during warm weather.

David Honan
Associate Vice President for Public Safety